Friday, June 28, 2013


Hi Beauties,

I'm hearing more and more that Google Friend Connect is going away next week. I wanted to share with you a link so that you can follow my blog on bloglovin'! 


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Thursday, June 27, 2013

MAY 2013 Empties (A little late..)

Hi beauties,

I'm obviously a little late to the May empties party, but I thought it was worth posting, because I had quite a bit of empties last month. Let's get started!

Poise Daily Freshness Feminine Wash: I'm not sure if this is a TMI, but oh well, I'm including it anyways! I like having a separate wash for the nether region, because I think it needs something other than what a regular body wash can provide. I got a sample of this Poise wash, and it was purple, and scented, so there were dyes and fragrance. It wasn't gentle enough for that area..I'll leave it at that!

 Bikini Zone Anti Bumps Shave Gel: I really liked this product. It did its job, and fulfilled all promises, as I never got any bumps while using the product. The blue gel doesn't foam up, so you can see the area that you are shaving. It is kind of pricey for what it is, but I'll continue to repurchase it anyway.

Centrum Flavor Burst Vitamins: I love these, and am currently on my third month of consistently taking them everyday! (Which is BIG for me!) These taste like a chewy sweet-tart, and have every vitamin you can think of! (It also contains biotin!) 

Walgreens Brand Raspberry scented moisturizing shave gel: This is comparable to Skintimate Raspberry Shave gel, which I love! This is an EXACT dupe, and I found it for $1.00! I will definitely purchase the Walgreen brand from now on! 

Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship Conditioner: Last month you saw the shampoo part of this duo, and I finally finished up the conditioner. It was an okay conditioner but I felt like I had to use a HUGE amount to see any difference in my hair. It smelled nice, and I love Herbal Essences products, so I will more than likely try a conditioner from another Herbal Essence Line.

Summers Eve Green Tea & Cucumber Wash: Yes, another feminine hygiene product. HAHA. It smells nice, and is clear. I love Summers Eve, and I have already purchased another wash! I am currently using the wash in the orange bottle, called Morning Blossom. I will continue to repurchase! 

It's a 10 Miracle Leave in Treatment: I know that I said I couldn't wait to get rid of this, but now I kind of miss it! Mainly for the fact that it made my hair a lot easier to comb through when wet, and partly for how soft my hair felt once it dried. I'm going to try and find a "dupe" at the drugstore.

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter: The smell of this makes me sick. I used it up on my feet so I wouldn't have to smell it, but the scent lingered (which was not a good thing in this situation!) It is really moisturizing, but boy that scent is strong.

Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume Mascara: This was a fantastic mascara! It is really expensive, but it made my lashes look like I had lash extensions on! They looked gorgeous, and this  mascara is top notch. I only had the sample size, but I'd recommend trying it out.

Clinique Moisture Surge Extra Thirsty Skin Relief: This was a very interesting moisturizer (in a good way!) it was an extremely hydrating moisturizer, but it was in gel form. The gel like consistency made it soak into my skin very very quickly, so I could apply my makeup straight away! I'm not sure if this is discontinued, but I found mine at a PX (a store on Army bases where you can buy practically anything!) I'd definitely repurchase this as well! 

Those are all my MAY 2013 empties! I'd love to know what products you used up! 


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

SUMMER LOVIN' // VS Pink Sunkissed Body wash & scrub

Hi beauties,

Long time no see-- SORRY about that! (I'm in the process of moving! :) ) Anyways, I wanted to share a yummy product that I'm loving for summer. It is the VS Pink Sunkissed Bodywash & Scrub. It smells like a tropical beachy getaway, which I appreciate since I'm currently landlocked, and not going on vacation in the foreseeable future! What I like most about it, is the fact that is that it has exfoliating beads which scrubs off all the dead skin, while still being a moisturizing cleanser. It foams up really nicely, and your skin feels moisturized long after you get it out of the shower. The scent also lingers nicely throughout the day.

Hope you forgive me for being gone so long! 


Monday, June 10, 2013

TRESemme Nourishing Rituals Rejuvenating Mud Masque

Hi beauties,

I LOVE the TRESemme Nourishing Rituals Rejuvenating Mud Masque! It smells INCREDIBLE, makes my hair soft and manageable, AND is affordable. Ding ding ding- heaven in a jar. 


Friday, June 7, 2013

Fragrance Friday: Victoria's Secret Noir Love Me

Hi beauties,

I apologize for the lack of posts this week, I should be back to my everyday posting from now on! (This week was a little crazy to say the least!)

Fragrance Friday for this week is from Victoria's Secret "Sexy Little Things" line and is called Noir Love Me. I was instantly attracted to this perfume because of the bottle. The white bottle with the pink atomizer gives it a vintage feel, which is right up my alley! 

The notes of this perfume are: Wild Berries, Madagascar Orchid, and Musk.

Although the atomizer adds to the visual presentation of the bottle, I find that it just isn't practical. I find that the perfume doesn't spray as much product as I'd like, and it really doesn't last all day. (Which is pretty consistent with other VS perfumes!) I really do enjoy this perfume, because the berries and orchid make a very gorgeous combination. It's the perfect blend of fruity and floral.

What fragrances are you loving this week? I love hearing from you!



Wednesday, June 5, 2013

MAY 2013 Favorites

Hi beauties,

May FLEW by! It was my birthday month, and I spent my 23rd birthday poolside! :)

I wanted to share my monthly favorites with you. I don't have a ton of products, because I didn't wear very much makeup this month. It has been in the upper 80's with crazy humidity! Needless to say, my makeup didn't last long.

My first favorite are these beautiful flowers that boy sent me for my birthday! If you saw my "I heart spring" tag, then you know that daisies are one of my favorite flowers. I just LOVE these so much, and they make me smile every time I see them!

NYX Cream Blushes: I have a blog post dedicated to these, and I can't get enough! I love how they apply, and how they look on my dry skin! The colors are gorgeous too! I have them in the shades Glow, and Boho Chic.

L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream: This is great for summer and hotter climates, because it is so light weight. It covers any imperfections while still letting your skin show through. I'd definitely suggest this for anyone who likes the "no makeup" makeup look.

Johnson's Baby Creamy Oil: I also have a blog post dedicated to this amazing lotion. It has both cocoa and shea butter and even though it has a thicker consistency, it soaks in quickly. I will definitely repurchase this product, and recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin.

Those are my favorites for the month of May! I hope that you had an amazing month, and that your June is getting off to a great start! 

I'd love to know what your favorite products are! Let me know!



Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekly Recap: This week on Miss Style Monster

Weekly Recap: This week on Miss Style Monster

Hi beauties,

I hope that you all had an amazing week! This week was a little special for me, as I turned 23 on May 30th! :) I wanted to write up my weekly recap, in case you missed any posts this week!

Underdog Product: Johnson's Baby Creamy Oil: A-M-A-Z-I-N-G for my dry sensitive skin! Read More [HERE]

Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash: Natural, and doesn't irritate my skin. Post [HERE]

Disappointing Product: Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Cleansing Pads broke me out, BADLY! See more [HERE]

Summer Lovin' NYX Cream Blushes + Swatches: Hint--I'm obsessed! Post [HERE]

Fragrance Friday: Surprise, Surprise, another Celebrity Fragrance. I've never met anyone who didn't like Jessica Simpson's Fancy Love! Blog Post [HERE]

I hope you all had an amazing week! I cannot believe that it is already June!