Friday, June 29, 2012

If I was a bag..

If I was a bag, I'd be THIS bag.

 This is the Brandy Melville Studded Skull bag, and it is reasonably priced at $48.00. As you probably know already, I love studs, and I LOVE skulls. What could be better than skull studs?

What do you guys think? Is it your cup of tea?


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Disappointing product

Hi Beauties,
Do you remember when I posted a few weeks ago about being really excited to try out the Katy Perry Eylure lashes? I purchased the "Oh honey" lashes from my local Ulta with every intention of wearing them to the Brantley Gilbert concert. Lets just say that I ended up NOT wearing them to the concert because OH HONEY, are they an absolute disaster to apply.

First of all, the packaging is adorable, and I just love Katy Perry, which is the main reason that I decided to purchase the lashes.

The packaging says: Adhesive Included, Quick and Easy, Reusable, and Stunning results. Yes, Adhesive was included but it was dried up and clumpy, and smelled of Fish food. Yes, they are reusable, and yes they do give you stunning results (photo below), but the quick and easy part is a BIG FAT NO.

I have never had trouble applying false lashes, whether they be Ardell, Red Cherry, or $1 ELF lashes, I've always been able to apply them with no problem whatsoever. These were stiff, and didn't want to adhere to the shape of my eye, no matter how much I tried. After 30 minutes, and 7 tries later, I ended up giving up on wearing them to the concert. I tried applying them again on my birthday, and it took 2 people and 15 minutes to successfully apply them. Don't you think that is a little overboard?

Here is what they look like applied: (I was blowing out my candle on my birthday cookie :))

As you can see, they do look stunning once applied, but the question is: are they worth the struggle and $6.99 price tag? Maybe they will apply easier with my beloved Duo Lash glue (a.k.a - The HOLY GRAIL of all lash glues). I will try it out and see.

All in all- I'd say that you are probably better off with Ardell or even ELF lashes, because at least with them, you get what you pay for.

Hope you all are well!
I pinky promise not to be away so long again!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Things I loved this week: Non beauty related

Hi beauties,

I'm still working on my birthday post, I finally got the pictures so that should be up soon!! I thought it would fun to post some photos of things I love this week, that were non beauty related. Most of these I also posted on instagram! (erinkenzie)

(Top-Bottom) Menchies fro-yo, Mango boba, Fifty Shades of Grey, Snuggle time with the cutest kitty ever, Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes

What have you been loving?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

OOTD: summer time

Dress: O'Niell - Pacsun
Shoes: brown heels -Kohls
Earrings: basketball wives inspired- rue21